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QuickCheck Online SV Barcode Verifiers

Honeywell QuickCheck Online SV Barcode Verifiers

Enabling 100 percent on the fly verification. Whether installed on a thermal printer or a conveyor system, On-Line Verifiers offer a turnkey method of monitoring your print process. State-of-the-Art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology, Ensures higher processing speed, faster printers and more analysis per symbol.

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Quick Check® Model QCOLV-SV100 Verifier is a universal systemcomponent that can analyze linear bar code print quality, checkencoded data, and detect system failures. In its basic mode ofoperation, the QCOLV-SV100 performs bar code verifi cation andoperates in various synchronous modes.

The QCOLV-SV100 combines state-of-the-art digital signalprocessor (DSP) technology, a proprietary high-speed moving beamlaser scanner with unique analog output capability, and flexible I/Oand communications capability. This powerful architecture enablesthe unit to be an economical Quality Assurance tool for practicallyany bar code printing, application, or conveyance system.

The QCOLV-SV100 performs most accepted methods of barcode verifi cation: ANSI method, traditional method, encoded dataformat checks, and laser scanning type analyses. These wideranging analysis parameters can be used to measure bar codequality and detect failure mechanisms for any print technology.Bar code quality and encoded data information can be reportedthrough the serial communications port for each code analyzed;therefore, accountability for all printed bar codes is possible. TheQCOLV-SV100 I/O consists of fi ve programmable output ports, twoprogrammable display LEDs, and a sync input. The programmableports allow the unit to be used as a controller for pausing printers,activating lights, and gating conveyors.

  • State-of-the Art Digital Signal Processor (DSP)Technology: Ensures higher processing speed, fasterprinters, and more analysis per symbol.
  • Flexible Optical Configurations: More adaptable opticsread higher density and low contrast symbols.
  • Datamatch Compatibility: Secures encoded dataequivalence.
  • QC ScanView Windows®-based Software for SystemOperation: Programmable and serial port outputs assist insetup.
  • ANSI, Traditional, Encoded Data Format, and LaserScanning Methods: Provide reflectance, dimensional, andformat measurements.

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