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Motorola TC55 Handheld Computer (P/N TC55AH-GC11ES)

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Motorola TC55 Handheld Computer, WWAN 4G LTE/HSPA+ for AT&T, 802.11abgn + NFC, 1D Linear Imager (SE655), 4.3" WGA Color Touchscreen, 1GB RAM/8GB Flash, 8 MP Camera, 2940 mAh Standard Capacity Battery (1X), Google Android 4.1 OS (Jelly Bean) with GMS. Includes Rugged Charging Cable. (M151101)
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    Manufacturer Motorola-Symbol
    Product Model Motorola TC55
    Purpose Rugged General
    Scanner Type 1D Linear Imager
    MSR No Mag Stripe Reader
    WLAN (Wi-Fi) 802.11 a/b/g/n
    WWAN (Cellular) ATT
    Operating System Android 4.1
    Camera Camera
    GPS No GPS
    Form Factor Phone Style
    Drop Rating 4 Foot Drop
    IP Rating IP67
    Dimensions (with
    standard battery)
    5.4 in. L x 2.7 in. W x 0.63 in. D
    137 mm L x 69 mm W x 15.9 mm D
    Weight With standard battery: 7.8 oz./220 g
    Display Blanview® LCD display, 4.3 in. WVGA, exceptional low power consumption, exceptionally bright image with 700 NITs, 3% transflective, Corning Gorilla Glass 2
    Touchpanel Dual mode capacitive touch with stylus or fingertip (bare or gloved) input
    Battery replaceable and rechargeable Lithium Ion: Standard: 2940 mAh; extended 1.5x: 4410 mAh
    Expansion Slot User accessible 32 GB microSD slot with SDHC support
    Memory 32 MB RAM
    Network Connections USB 2.0 High Speed (host and client), WLAN, WWAN and Bluetooth
    CPU 1.5 GHz dual core processor
    Operating System Android 4.1.2
    Memory 1GB RMA / 8GB Flash
     P/N Description

    Motorola TC55 Batteries and Battery Doors

    P/N BTRY-TC55-29MA1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1X Standard Battery 2960 MAH
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1X Standard Battery 2960 MAH.

    P/N BTRY-TC55-44MA1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1.5X External Battery 4410 MAH
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1.5X External Battery 4410 MAH.

    P/N KT-TC55-29BTYD1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1X Battery Door
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1X Battery Door.

    P/N KT-TC55-44BTYD1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1.5X Battery Door
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 1.5X Battery Door.

    Motorola TC55 Belts and Holsters

    P/N SG-TC55-HLSTR1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Holster
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Holster.

    P/N SG-TC55-HSTRPH-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 HandSTRAP Attaches to BOO T SOLD SEPARATELY
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 HandSTRAP Attaches to BOO T SOLD SEPARATELY.

    Motorola TC55 Boots

    P/N SG-TC55-BOOT1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Boot Blue/Black
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Boot Blue/Black.

    P/N SG-TC55-BOOT2-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Boot Grey/Black
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Boot Grey/Black.

    Motorola TC55 Cables

    P/N CBL-TC55-CHG1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Rugged Charge Cable
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Rugged Charge Cable.

    Motorola TC55 Cradles

    Motorola TC55 Cups

    Motorola TC55 Screen Protectors

    P/N KT-TC55-SCRNP1-03

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Screen Protector
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Screen Protector (3 Pack).

    P/N KT-TC55-SCRNP1-100

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Screen Protector, 100 Pack
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Screen Protector, 100 Pack.

    Motorola TC55 Stylus

    P/N KT-TC55-STYLUS1-01

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Spare Stylus with Tether
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Spare Stylus with Tether.

    P/N KT-TC55-STYLUS1-03

    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Stylus with Tether 3 Pack
    Motorola (Symbol) TC55 Stylus with Tether 3 Pack.

    Motorola TC55 Vehicle Cradles

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