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Wireless LAN Products

Zebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless LAN Products

Need an an indoor access point or an outdoor access point? Possibly looking for a wireless switch to implement into your network? Motorla-Symbol wireless LAN products are here to meet all of your wireless mobility needs. Wireless access points and wireless access ports are available, as well as wireless switches.

All Products are NEW, factory sealed and come with the FULL manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified).

Access PointsWiNG ExpressWireless SwitchesClient Radio Devices
Motorola Access Points and Ports PictureMotorola WiNG Express Access Points PictureZebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless LAN Switches PictureZebra (Motorola Symbol) Client Radio Devices Picture

Antennas/AdaptersWireless AccessoriesService ContractsDiscontinued Products
Zebra (Motorola Symbol) Antennas and Adapters PictureMotorola Wireless LAN Accessories PictureZebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless LAN Service Contracts PictureZebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless LAN Discontinued Products Picture

More Information and Shortcuts for Zebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless LAN Products:

Access Points:

Wireless access points and ports for different environtments, such as harsh, industrial, and office.

WiNG Express:

WiNG Express is Motorola Solutions' powerful enterprise-class WLAN operating system wrapped in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphical user interface that makes end-to-end WLAN management easy for smaller businesses no IT department required.

Wireless Switches:

Zebra (Motorola Symbol) wireless switches for organizations as little as 2,000 and as large as 100,000.

Client Radio Devices:

With Zebra (Motorola Symbol) client radio devices, devices can be given the high-performance wireless connectivity they need. Zebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless networker radio cards and Zebra (Motorola Symbol) CB3000 client bridges are available to fit wireless connectivity needs.


Zebra (Motorola Symbol) Antennas and Zebra (Motorola Symbol) adapters are available to maintain wireless connection in almost any environment. Zebra (Motorola Symbol) antennas are 802.11a, 802.11 a/b/g, and 802.11b/g. Zebra (Motorola Symbol) adapters include cable adapters, bulkhead adapters, jumper cable adapters, and more.

Wireless Accessories:

Motorola Symbol accessories for Wireless LAN products.

Service Contracts:

Zebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless LAN Service Contracts.

Discontinued Products:

Zebra (Motorola Symbol) Wireless LAN Discontinued Products.



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