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Zebra Ribbons

Label printers and barcode printers have three different types of ribbons that can be used. These can be categorized into wax ribbons, wax/resin ribbons, and resin ribbons. Each type of ribbon has its own strengths and weaknesses and the correct ribbon will vary depending on the user's type of application. Below is a description of each type of ribbon. .

  • Wax Ribbons: These ribbons are the lowest cost and are typically used where long term durability is NOT an issue. Thus, wax ribbons are typically used for shipping labels, pricing labels, or other indoor applications. They are best for printing on coated or uncoated paper tags and labels.
  • Wax/Resin Ribbons: These ribbons have a higher cost than wax ribbons, but are less expensive than resin ribbons. The imprint is more resistant to scratching and smearing and can resist mild chemicals. Since the durability is stronger than wax, but weaker than resin, these ribbons are suitable for short-term outdoor use and are best for printing on coated paper, coated tags and films (e.g. Kimdura).
  • Resin Ribbons: These types of ribbons are the most expensive, but also have the highest durability of the three ribbon types. They are mostly used for outdoor applications or if the media requires handling in extreme conditions (continuous physical contact, harsh heat, etc.). They are resistant to most chemicals and are best for printing on synthetics materials such as polyester, polymide, etc.

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Zebra Wax Ribbons (Back To Top)
Zebra 2000 Wax Ribbon Picture

Zebra 2000 Wax Ribbon

Use this standard wax ribbon for printing high-quality bar codes on coated paper and synthetic label stock at speeds up to 12 inches per second.

Zebra 2100 Wax Ribbon Picture

Zebra 2100 Wax Ribbon

Use this resin-enhanced wax ribbon for high-speed printing. High print quality for normal and rotated bar codes on coated/uncoated labels and tags.

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Zebra 5319 Wax Ribbon Picture

Zebra 5319 Wax Ribbon

Use this wax ribbon for tough-to-print uncoated or uneven tag stocks. Features unmatched scannability and performance, even on Tyvek.

Zebra 6000 Wax Ribbon Picture

Zebra 6000 Wax Ribbon

This high-performance wax ribbon provides excellent barcode print quality on coated labels and tags. Its low printhead energy requirement for image transfer make it ideal for high-speed printing.

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Zebra Wax-Resin Ribbons (Back To Top)
Zebra 3200 Wax-Resin Ribbon Picture

Zebra 3200 Wax-Resin Ribbon

This durable, special ink formulated wax/resin ribbon is UL Recognized and CSA Component Acceptable when used with Zebra approved labels.

Zebra 5555 Wax-Resin Ribbon Picture

Zebra 5555 Wax-Resin Ribbon

Use this wax/resin ribbon for printing bar codes on coated paper. Clear images and durability in harsh conditions.

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Zebra 5586 Wax-Resin Ribbon Picture

Zebra 5586 Wax-Resin Ribbon

Use this premium wax/resin ribbon for printing on paper and a wide range of synthetics. Smear and scratch resistance in a variety of environments.

Zebra 6100 Wax-Resin Ribbon Picture

Zebra 6100 Wax-Resin Ribbon

This high-performance wax/resin ribbon provides outstanding barcode quality and is chemical resistant when printed on Zebra paper and synthetic label stocks. Offers Excellent staying power and durability in harsh environments.

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Zebra Resin Ribbons (Back To Top)
Zebra 5095 Resin Ribbons Picture

Zebra 5095 Resin Ribbons

Use this performance resin ribbon for printing high-density bar codes and high-resolution graphics on a wide range of synthetic materials.

Zebra 5100 Resin Ribbons Picture

Zebra 5100 Resin Ribbons

Use this premium resin ribbon for printing dense black images in harsh environments. Great choice for printed circuit board applications.

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Zebra 6200 Resin Ribbon Picture

Zebra 6200 Resin Ribbon

This high-performance resin ribbon is used for printing high-density barcodes and high-resolution graphics on a wide variety of materials ranging from matte to glossy synthetics. Offers exceptional print quality, durability and chemical resistance.

Zebra Image Lock Resin Ribbons Picture

Zebra Image Lock Resin Ribbons

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Zebra Red Resin Ribbons Picture

Zebra Red Resin Ribbons


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Additional Zebra Ribbons Product Information

Zebra has the right thermal transfer ribbon for your application needs. For standard printing on paper labels, Zebra Wax Ribbons are unsurpassed for performance and value. When better image durability is desired, use Zebra Was/Resin ribbons and for the ultimate in chemical and heat resistance, use Zebra Resin ribbons which are specially designed for harsh environments. You can be assured that when used together, Zebra ribbons and labels will provide optimal performance with your Zebra printer and extend the life of your printhead.


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